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Elizabeth Falcon

Executive Director, DC Jobs With Justice

“One of the biggest moments for workers in DC during the Trump Administration was the federal shutdown, and having the longest federal shutdown in history. DC was one of those places where the effects hit so many people in the federal sector…It was a really hard an exciting time that DC Jobs with Justice kind of leaned into, in that moment, where we were working directly with the federal unions and national organizations to fight to end the shut down. And ultimately it was workers who refused to continue to work and not get paid, that ended it. And that was one of those moments where this is what Jobs with Justice is here to do. We’re here to show up for workers in crisis.

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Federal Shutdown Response

The 2018-2019 federal shutdown was the longest in U.S. history, and hit every part of the DC community and economy. DC JWJ responded early in 2019 to make sure that workers across industries could get back to (paid!) work quickly.