We don’t have identities in silos

Nikki Cole

Former Executive Director, DC Jobs With Justice

“One of the other ways DC Jobs with Justice really elevated the work of ROC-DC and all DC’s progressive leaders and organizations was their training. DC Jobs with Justice has one of the best community organizing, power building, fundraising, coalition-building trainings in the nation. I encourage people to become part of DC jobs with Justice because there is space for everyone. It is all-inclusive, it is diverse in race, gender, economic status, interest. There’s a space for everyone. And we don’t live in silos, we don’t have identities in silos. I’m a mother, I’m a worker, I’m a voter, and DC Jobs with Justice is the place where we can talk deliberately about that intersectionality and be powerful in those various roles. DC Jobs with Justice is literally the glue of the social justice movement, labor and community movement work in DC. So I don’t think it makes sense for anyone to come to DC and NOT be part of DC Jobs with Justice, if you want to know your landscape and build relationships, that’s the table you need to be at.

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$15 Minimum Wage

Together, legislative leaders in the District, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County worked in concert to pass minimum wage increases that would take all three jurisdictions to $15 on similar timelines.

Respect DC / Large Retailer Accountability Act

DC Jobs with Justice helped anchor the Respect DC coalition, which fought to make sure Walmart could only come to neighborhoods after signing legally binding community benefits agreements that would make sure residents would benefit from new development.