Verizon Strike With CWA Workers


In 2016, Verizon was making about $2 billion in profits per month, and its CEO, Lowell McAdam, made $18 million the year before. Threatened with eroding job security, pension freezes, and outsourcing, Verizon workers had enough. In the spring of 2016, 39,000 workers at Verizon and Verizon Wireless went out on strike, to stand up against corporate greed and defend good jobs for their families and those that follow. In DC, CWA members maintained daily picket lines at several locations, including downtown Verizon Wireless stores. 

Recognizing the magnitude of the strike and having coordinated solidarity efforts during the 2011 Verizon strike, DC JWJ jumped into action. DC JWJ coalition members “adopted” various Verizon Wireless stores to add needed energy and solidarity to the picket lines. DC JWJ mobilized its supporters to bolster daily picket lines and attend direct actions. After 45 days, the strike was enormously successful and demonstrated that workers can take on a corporate behemoth and win. CWA and IBEW members won a significant wage increase, pension contribution increases, outsourcing protections, and more.

Written by Ari Schwartz

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