Fight for rent control protections with DC JWJ and Sunrise DC

Samuel Myszkowski

Organizer, Sunrise DC

“The Reclaim Rent Control campaign is about improving the rent control situation in DC, which places a cap on how much rent the landlords can increase on their tenants. It only applies to very large buildings and in particular, very old buildings. The goal of the reclaim rent control campaign is to expand it to smaller buildings because we know if you’re a tenant, whether there are 3 or 4 units in your building, that doesn’t make you different from someone who lives in a 5 unit building. But that’s where the law cuts it off right now and so the idea is to bring it down to smaller buildings to make sure those tenants have the same protections. DC Jobs with Justice has been integral with the Reclaim Rent Control project, I learned everything I know from DC JWJ organizers and people convened by DC JWJ.”

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Reclaim Rent Control

Reclaim Rent Control

The Reclaim Rent Control Coalition is a culmination of years of organizing in the District by tenants, organizers, community based groups, unions and legal advocates that have come together to form a united force against displacement.