“All of us really means all of us”

Ericka Taylor

Popular Educator, Take on Wall Street

“I think DC Jobs with Justice exemplifies what coalition means. So pulling in labor and community and faith and student populations together to really collaborate with shared interests. And I think other coalition spaces might have a single shared interest, but the sort of, ‘I’ll Be There for all your fights, for all your issues,’ that all of us really means all of us is something that felt – if not unique to DC Jobs with Justice, they certainly led with it in a way that I didn’t see many organizations doing.

“DC Jobs with Justice is critical because of this ability to bring folks together, constantly increasing the awareness of the organization means that there are more ways for more people to plug in, more people be involved, but also the DC Jobs with Justice has been a leader, is looked to as a leader of moving all things related to workers rights and beyond.

“I encourage everyone to become a sustainer of DC Jobs with Justice, because this organization is there for the good fight. When DC Jobs with Justice says all, they mean all, which is not common enough. It’s a great organization and it’s been an amazing 20 years and I’m really excited to see what the next 20 will bring.”

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Throughout the pandemic DC Jobs with Justice has played a key role in advocating for worker safety. In March of 2021 DC JWJ convened a cross-sector group of labor unions to discuss an additional push for worker protections.